Global awareness has changed the nature of practice in many professions. Our trips offer you the opportunity to interact with colleagues in foreign lands, visit their local institutions and gain a first-hand insight into different cultures. Traveling companions are welcome!
At Total Tours International, each itinerary is carefully designed to provide you an educational experience that can also be enjoyed by your accompanying friends or relatives.

  • Visit diverse cultures
  • Compare overseas and US systems
  • Dialogue with fellow colleagues in foreign lands
National Association Puerto Rican/Hispanic Social Workers
Offer information and insight into the social and health care delivery systems overseas and compare them to U.S. system. Visit institutions and discuss methods with fellow colleagues in foreign lands. Provide an educational experience, professional interaction that are exclusive to those particular cultures.
Each participant in the academic program will receive a conference schedule, the different social and health issues to be treated at the particular destination and the scheduled speakers.
NAPRHSW will issue a Certificate of Attendance to participants after the completion of each trip. (CEU’s available)